Meet the Woodworker Mohsen Tashakor

Mohsen’s shop is busy these days despite the pandemic.  He is working with new and repeat customers to create one-of-a-kind furniture from tables to vanities. 

In Iran, where Mohsen is from, there is a centuries-old culture of hand-crafted arts and decor.  Mohsen owned his own shop and sold Persian carpets and tablecloths until he met and married his Canadian wife, Allison.  When he moved to Canada he needed to retrain and chose woodworking and cabinetmaking because it allowed him to be creative while earning a living.  He soon began to make charcuterie boards in his home shop using new and reclaimed local hardwoods.   

Mohsen began to decorate his wood products taking inspiration from nature – using electricity to engrave ‘lightning’ patterns on serving boards and coatracks and using resin to create an ocean effect on his signature charcuterie boards. 

While Canada may be rich with trees, Mohsen believes that wood needs to be harvested and used in a sustainable way.  For this reason, he sources much of his wood small, local sawmills that use selective harvesting techniques.